Arcane existence

The Dark Curse


“Am I really from a land of fairytales, or this cursed land without magic.”

Arcane Existence – A Land Without Magic

Fiction stems from reality, so how much of it is fiction and how much of it is real? Arcane Existence crosses over the two through lyrical concepts based on fictional stories with a message relevant to real world issues. Their first album is based off a family friendly show with relatable messages (Once Upon A Time) but “The Dark Curse” focuses on the darker elements that are also seen in our non-fiction lives. Females are already underrepresented in the metal scene; Arcane Existence has a 50/50 split of female and male showing that balance is possible regardless of gender.

The new material will introduce a more developed sound as everyone becomes involved in the writing and finalizing of this sonically cohesive release. The stories will become original but not without inspiration from fantasy, fairytales, medieval times and sorcery. And of course, the essential message within the lyrics will be based off real human flaws.

Jade Ordonez - vocals
Kiera Pietrangelo - guitar
Chris Zinnanti - guitar
Vince Biancalana - bass
Becca McCabe - keys & singing vocals
Harley Blandford - drums




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The Dark Curse

by Arcane Existence

Arcane Existence' first album showing their ability to tie fiction into reality through fantasy lyrical concepts and relatable themes.